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Custom Surfaces is led by company director Matthew Fair. Custom Surfaces provides Newcastle and its surrounding areas with a range of polished concrete finishes and architectural surface coatings.


Diamond Polished Concrete

There are multiple versions of polished concrete, but the one we recommend is mechanically your floor with high grade diamonds. This is a multistep process starting with a coarse grind to get a full even exposure of aggregate, we then use progressively finer diamonds to remove previous scratches and prepare the floor for the final polishing stages. The floor is also grouted to fill any cracks & voids that occur in the concrete. The floor is densified multiple times to harden & beautify the concrete. The floor is then polished to the desired finish with the final step being to seal the floor with a penetrating sealer to help prevent against staining.

Grind & Seal

The grind and seal process is the same as the diamond polished concrete, the sealer used is a top coat or topical sealer. Call Matt to ask about the various sealers used by Custom Surfaces.

Burnished or Grey polished concrete

This is the process where the top or cream of the concrete is polished. This is the most natural looking of all polished concrete floors and are as unique as their owners.

Quartz carpet

A resilient and slip resistant floor covering. Quartz carpet combines natural quartz granules with an epoxy resin and finished with various textures. Quartz carpet is the result of more than 25 years of product development.

There are 20 standard colours and granule sizes ranging from a superfine (M3 – 0.8 – 1.0mm) to large (2-3mm) the Quartz carpet is also available in more than 1000 colour options.


An exclusive product in Australia and only available locally through Custom Surfaces, the globally recognised X-BOND system is a water based, cementitous overlay system. The mix combines an engineered liquid polymer with stonetex. X-BOND is available in three different finishes, X-BOND Integral, X-BOND Blade and X-BOND Bi.

X-BOND Integral

X-Bond Integral system creates a unique polished concrete look whilst the latex polymers feel warmer & quieter than underfoot than polished concrete.

The application:

X-Bond Integral is hand trowelled over an existing surface and them smoothed with a trowel. X-Bond is applied approximately 4-6mm thick.

Pre Stain

Pre-Stain System is an environmentally safe water-based system. It is the combination of a liquid base and a colour additive.

Venetian Plaster

Benefits of using lime as a wall finish:

  • Lime has been used since the beginning of the century in construction
  • Lime was used in civilisations from Mesopotamia to America. Romans have used Venetian Plaster in buildings such as the Pantheon, the Pisa Tower and the Gothic Cathedral which of course are all still standing

Crystal Glass

A translucent shimmering wall covering, Crystal Glass combines recycled glass and mirror fragments that have been coloured embracing the latest in light fastness technologies and coated with an epoxy resin.